Why SafeSwap?

Interoperability at its best.

Business-Boosting Innovation

SafeSwap is a decentralized and revolutionary platform that empowers builders to scale their operations. It offers limitless opportunities to utilize the capabilities of diverse blockchains and connect with new user groups, develop multichain applications and create new utility, without leaving existing achievements or communities behind.

Users can enjoy seamless and secure transfer of their tokens across chains and participate in new avenues of financial of utility opportunities on other chains.

Most Decentralized

Builders and users always maintain complete control over their tokens. By utilizing atomic swaps and Hashed Timelock Contracts (HTCL), tokens are directly transferred between the user’s wallets on the source and destination chain. HTLC creates a decentralized transaction verification process, where a smart contract ensures that transactions take place if all predetermined conditions are met within the specified timeframe.

Decentralization is further enhanced by the use of native tokens as it eliminates the necessity of centralization in the swapping process and the requirement for a third party to custody assets.

Preserving Tokenomics Integrity

User liquidity or designated issuer liquidity is not required. SafeSwap utilizes pre-minted token supplies on each chain, combined with a solid lock-unlock mechanism. The tokens allocated for liquidity for the SafeSwap platform are part of each chain’s pre-minted supply. As a result, the tokenomics remain intact and unaffected.

The SafeSwap Dashboard provides a complete overview of both locked and unlocked tokens, enabling monitoring of tokens across all connected chains.

API Integration with Whitelabel Option

SafeSwap offers an API that can be easily incorporated into software applications, platforms, and tools. The integration enhances functionality and user experience, without disrupting existing infrastructure and eliminating the time and costs of developing the solution from scratch.

The whitelabel option enables developers to customize the appearance SafeSwap to align with the project’s style and brand and provide a consistent user experience.

Unmatched Security and Reliability

SafeSwap was developed by blockchain security experts and has been intensively audited. The design eliminates the complexity and risks associated with central custodians, illiquidity and vulnerabilities in smart contracts.

The overall security is further enhanced by utilizing cutting-edge encryption techniques, ensuring all swapping is authorized. Larger asset swaps requiring a higher number of confirmations and the employment of rate limiting, allowing token issuers to set a maximum transfer rate for their tokens.