About SafeSwap

Seamless native token transfers across different blockchains.

SafeSwap Is A Secure Cross-Chain Atomic Swapping Protocol to Enable Native Token Transfers Between Different Blockchains

SafeSwap operates at the core of blockchain interoperability, aiming to extend the reach and utility of native tokens. The objective is clear: we want to facilitate secure transfers of native tokens across various blockchains.

No wrapped tokens. No token manipulation. No malicious middlemen.

Only a user’s own wallets and real native multichain tokens.

Traditional setups often limit tokens to their native blockchain, limiting project’s potential for broader utility and adoption.

SafeSwap takes a different approach and embraces blockchain agnosticism, enabling tokens to become multichain and maintain their unique characteristics while freely traversing different chains.

With SafeSwap, easily building multichain dApps becomes a reality, ensuring users have seamless access, no matter the blockchain they reside on.

SafeSwap’s interoperability opens doors for innovation, making it an indispensable tool for builders in Web3.

Mission, Vision & Values

SafeSwap is made with uniting and connecting communities in mind

SafeSwap's mission is to revolutionize blockchain interoperability by enabling seamless and secure atomic swaps of native tokens across diverse blockchains. We strive to simplify token transfers, boosting innovation and inclusivity in Web3.


To be at the forefront of the multichain future, providing a trusted platform that empowers blockchain projects and users to effortlessly transact and innovate across multiple blockchains. We envision a future where cross-chain collaboration is the norm, and SafeSwap plays a pivotal role in making this vision a reality.


SafeSwap's values are rooted in decentralization and user empowerment. We value security, transparency and innovation, ensuring that our atomic swapping protocol remains reliable, user-centric and technologically advanced. We prioritize preserving token integrity and fostering a community-driven ethos in the blockchain space.