About SafeSwap

Seamlessly swap digital assets from one blockchain to another.

SafeSwap is a unique tool that leverages atomic swap contracts to support a blockchain agnostic approach.

SafeSwap is a protocol aimed at supporting Safe Haven and partnered organizations in utilizing their developed solutions beyond their native chain. SafeSwap is to be the bridge that delivers innovation to multiple blockchain communities, through dynamic decentralized swaps.

Digital assets are minted on a native chain, limited in number, and cannot be used on a different blockchain – greatly limiting the adoption of innovative technologies. A blockchain agnostic approach allows for a greater reach, but if altered tokenomics are a concern, minting more assets is not an option. SafeSwap is a trustless, decentralized swap option, a bridge to consumers without the sacrifice of tokenomic integrity.

Mission, Vision & Values

SafeSwap is made with our community in mind

SafeSwap is designed to provide blockchain projects and users a simple atomic swap platform capable of bridging multiple blockchains.


To provide a truly decentralized and transparent atomic-swap tool, supporting Safe Haven, our partners, and clients.


SafeSwap values are rooted in decentralization of blockchain financial tools and user control. These core elements provide a solid foundation for a true atomic swap, worthy of its name.