SafeSwap Features

Swap Digital Assets
SafeSwap allows you to easily swap your EVM-based digital assets between multiple blockchains in real time.
Supported digital assets
Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps
SafeSwap works with blockchains based on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). These include Ethereum, VeChain, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and more.
Supported blockchains
Connect Multiple Wallets
SafeSwap’s goal is to support multiple digital wallets, in efforts to limit barriers and steps required for using our platform.
Supported wallets
Not Just Another Token Swap Platform

SafeSwap Helps You Swap Digital Assets From One Blockchain To Another By Using Atomic Swaps

When you think of token swap platforms, what do you think of? Likely a platform that is reliant on liquidity pools to ensure your desired digital asset is successfully swapped to a different blockchain. Or maybe the concept of differentiating total token supply.  Fortunately, atomic swaps do not have such requirements and provide the availability to swap desired tokens at any moment. This makes SafeSwap a superior decentralized swap tool for blockchain projects and users, alike.

Supported Blockchains

VeChain Available
Ethereum Available
Polygon Available
Binance Smart Chain Available