Commission Program

Ready to Start Earning Commissions?

Earn commissions easily by referring blockchain projects that are considering cross-chain integration for their native token.

If you are the first to connect us with a project that successfully lists their token on SafeSwap, we will send you a $300 reward immediately after we received the listing fee.

Please ensure the project meets the following requirements before submitting:

  • The project has their native token on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Base, Optimism or vechain
  • The project intends to achieve cross-chain functionality for their native token (to avoid relying on wrapped tokens or altering token supply)
  • The project is not currently listed on SafeSwap and the project owners are not in contact with our team already

Submit a Project

We welcome all suggestions for projects that you believe would be a great fit for our platform.

Commission Program

SafeSwap is a groundbreaking decentralized swapping platform that enables projects to take their native token to other blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB chain, Polygon, Base, Optimism and vechain with no requirements for liquidity and tokenomics modifications. It is exclusively for swapping native assets, providing a safer and more reliable alternative to wrapped tokens. Wrapped tokens are a representation of the native token, with the underlying asset held in trust. With SafeSwap, the native token remains the actual asset itself.

Transactions on the platform are conducted by smart contracts, ensuring that there is no need for third-party liquidity or centralized authorities. This eliminates the possibility of external interference or manipulation of funds.

For users, SafeSwap offers the security of atomic swaps, the privacy of anonymity and full control and ownership over their funds at all times. Safe Haven is known for their high standards when it comes to security measures and user-friendly interface.